What Is meant by an Open-Box item?

What is an Open-Box item?

-Open box items are appliances, or items which, because of minor or negligible packaging damage, cannot be sold as brand new. Most of them may be technically brand new because they have never been used before!

-Other items which fall into the open-box category are products which may have already been unboxed and then returned within the return window, which may or may not display signs of handling.

-There are also open-box items which may have served as display pieces or floor stock in showrooms. Some only have significant packaging damage or could be overstocked models. Open-Box items are graded depending on these aspects. However, whatever type of open-box items you purchase, it will be in perfect working condition. Manufacturers only make them available for sale to discerning, budget-conscious customers.  These items come with a seller's warranty.

No, open box does not mean used. The main difference between open box vs. used products is that products labelled “open box” mean that the item packaging has been opened, but never used. Open box products are like-new

Why Buy an Open-Box item?
For the simple reason that you can save money and certainly get more bang for your buck! Buying an open-box item or appliance saves you a few thousand rands in some cases, allowing you to get a fully functional appliance you want at a price way below your budget, or a more expensive model within your budget. It’s all up to you!

What can be expected when buying an open box item and should it be bought?
Yes, you should buy open box. The best part about buying open box items is you can score an amazing deal on an item that is functionally new so you don’t have to compromise on the useful life of the product—worth it! It’s a great option for buyers who want to spoil themselves with a high-quality product, but don’t want to pay full price.


Note that only items which are open-box will be noted such and items without a note, are New without any signs of being handled or removed from the box.

Open-Box New
-Brand New
-May display signs of being handled or removed from the box
-Contains all parts/accessories
-Contains the original packaging 

Open-Box Excellent
-Looks Brand New
-Includes all original parts/accessories
-Typically contains original packaging

Open-Box Satisfactory
-Minor to moderate cosmetics signs of handling
-Any signs will not impact performance 
-Non-essential parts/accessories may be missing and will be indicated

Open-Box Fair
-Significant cosmetic signs of use
-Item indicates signs of minor usage.

Store Demo
Together with the above grading system, any items that have been used as a demo, will be additionally noted as Store Demo