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Miele Freestanding Microwave Oven

Miele Freestanding Microwave Oven

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  • Perfect defrosting and cooking – Automatic programmes
  • Optimum and even browning – integrated Quartz grill 
  • Multi-stage cooking processes in just one step – Memory function
  • Very powerful microwave – 900 W
  • Compact – 26 l oven compartment volume

Stainless steel oven compartment 

Functional through and through

Very efficient: the stainless steel oven compartment ensures perfect microwave distribution and is easy to clean. 

Find out more about "Stainless steel oven compartment "

    Quick microwave 

    Saves time: if you need to, you can select the maximum microwave power rating straight away.

    Find out more about "Quick microwave "

    Combination mode 

    Save time and achieve better results: in combination mode, food is cooked and browned at the same time.

    Find out more about "Combination mode "


    A new spin on a classic: Miele SideControl appliances now have touch controls.

    Touch-cool front 

    Protection against burns: the appliance remains relatively cool – even on the outside of the door.

    Find out more about "Touch-cool front "

    Stainless steel oven compartment 

    Very efficient: the stainless steel oven compartment ensures perfect microwave distribution and is easy to clean. 

    Find out more about "Stainless steel oven compartment "


    Warming from the inside: enjoy classic or customised drinks to suit your mood. 


    When you’re in a hurry: delicate foods such as butter, cream or tender fillet are quickly defrosted. 

    Keeping warm 

    If you are running late: after cooking, food is automatically kept warm for up to 15 minutes. 


    As if freshly cooked: food, drinks and baby food are heated at 450 to 900 W. 


    Always available: preserving small portions of sweet or savoury dishes in jars up to 0.5 l. 


    Sweet breakfast delights: small amounts of jam are particularly easy to make in the microwave oven.


    Small treats. A variety of starters can be made in the microwave in no time at all. 


    A popular starter: all sorts of soup can be made for a tasty starter. 


    It takes all sorts: pork, beef, lamb or venison – meat dishes are easy to cook in the microwave oven. 


    Good for body and soul: fish dishes are not only delicious, but also healthy and very popular all over the world. 

    Melting chocolate and butter 

    No burning or lumps: chocolate and butter melt to perfection at 450 W. 

    Side dishes 

    Simply indispensable: potatoes, rice and pasta are an extremely nutritious part of any meal. 

    Proving dough 

    Soft bread and delicious cakes: the microwave oven can prove covered yeast dough at 80 W. 


    Fresh and healthy: vegetables can be cooked in the microwave oven in no time at all. 


    The perfect addition: only when a sauce is added is the dish complete. 

    Oven bakes 

    Unlimited combinations: the microwave oven is perfect for one pot dishes such as an oven bake. 


    Varied classic: seasonal ingredients guarantee exceptional stews with and without meat. 


    Sweet temptations: the finale of a fine meal can be made in various ways in the microwave oven. 

    LED spotlight 

    Spot on: the LED spotlight illuminates the oven compartment perfectly and is particularly energy-efficient.

    Find out more about "LED spotlight "

    Quartz grill 

    Fast and uniform results: all dishes are browned perfectly in a short time.

    Find out more about "Quartz grill "
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